1. Community Living Standards.
    All residents are expected to comply with established standards of community living, including maintaining adequate standards of personal hygiene and room cleanliness to avoid interference with the general comfort, safety, security, health or welfare of the community or a resident’s roommates. Any personal safety or welfare issues should be brought to the attention of management; any resident forcing or attempting to cause another resident to leave his/her own apartment may be subject to termination.

  2. Community Safety Standards.
    Activities that compromise the safety of residents and/or the community are strictly prohibited. These activities may include but are not limited to climbing on top of roofs, storing or using a firearm or facsimile weapons (including airsoft pistols, pellet guns, B.B. guns) on the premises, climbing in/out window, jumping from balconies, improper use of security doors and features, throwing objects from windows or balconies, or any violent, threatening, or unlawful acts.

  3. Guest Limits.
    All residents are fully responsible for the actions of their guests, and are liable for any damage or misconduct by their guests, which may result in fines and/or termination of the Lease Agreement. No apartment shall host more than ten individuals at any given moment (including the residents of the unit). Guests must be accompanied by residents at all times when visiting/using amenity spaces.

  4. Smoking.
    This is a non-smoking community. Therefore, smoking is prohibited inside any units or in any amenity spaces. Cigarette butts must be disposed of accordingly, and may not be thrown on the property grounds. Smoking inside the apartment will incur a fee of at least $300 to have the apartment deep cleaned after Resident moves out. If discovered during the course of the Term, continued violation of this policy could result in the termination of the Lease Agreement.

  5. Noise.
    Behavior that negatively affects that quiet enjoyment of other residents’ apartments is prohibited and considered a material breach of the Lease Agreement if persistent, despite any warnings that are issued. Recurring noise violations may incur a fee of $150 per instance, and will eventually lead to termination of Lease Agreement.

  6. Community Drug and Crime Policy.
    Any drugs, drug paraphernalia or criminal activity, by a resident and/or guests, will be considered a material breach by the resident of the Lease Agreement and may result in the immediate termination of the lease.

  7. Maintenance.
    Residents are expected report maintenance concerns promptly and may be held responsible for damage or utility charges for failure to report issues within an apartment. All maintenance requests must be submitted directly to the management office through your resident portal. Maintenance Requests will be performed during normal work hours, except in the case of emergencies such as flooding water, lack of hot water, Heating or Air Conditioning malfunction, lock out, or power outage.

  8. Keys and Lockouts.
    All hard keys and electronic key fobs, together with any and all duplicates, must be returned to management upon termination of the lease. Replacement of a lost key or provision of an extra key will be charged to the resident at $25 per hard key, and $50 per electronic key. No locks may be changed or added to any doors without management’s written consent. If a resident is locked out of an apartment, management will unlock the door (upon resident presenting photo ID) during office hours at no charge for the first instance; recurring or additional lockouts during office hours may incur a charge of $25 per instance. If management has to unlock a door after-hours, the resident will be charged a lockout fee of $50.

  9. Plumbing Fixtures.
    Any damage to plumbing caused by misuse will be repaired at the residents’ expense. Towels, rags, sweepings, sanitary napkins, fruit pairings, cigarettes, bones, and other such materials my not be flushed down the toilets, or placed in garbage disposal units.

  10. Fire Hazards.
    The following are prohibited in all buildings in the community: Fireworks, flammable gases such as propane and gasoline, or other flammable or incendiary substances.

  11. Barbeque Grills and Patio Torches.
    Due to city, county and state fire codes and regulations, the use of or storage of a gas grill, fuel containers related to these grills, or, patio torches are prohibited throughout the property except in common areas provided by management for this purpose. Charcoal grills are allowed to be used on site, but must remain 15 feet away from the building during use. Charcoal grills can only be stored on porch, not balcony when not in use. Any resident or apartment violating this policy may be subject to administrative fees of at least $50 per day and/or referral to law enforcement.

  12. Property Aesthetic.
    Windows, front door exteriors, and balconies should be free of clutter, signage, and decals. Patios and balconies shall not have any clothes, rugs, towels, or other items hanging on or over rails. Residents may place patio furniture on patios; however, this area may not be used for storage and management may request that certain items be removed. Unit interior furniture must not be used as patio furniture. No sign, banner or other fixture, including foil and/or film of any kind, may be hung in any window or on any door in a manner that may be visible from the exterior of the building. Patios and balconies will be kept neat and clean and will not be used for storage of automobile tires, unsightly or heavy items or garbage or refuse. Use of slip and slides, tarps, and personal pools are to be put up when not in use.

  13. Trash.
    No trash or other waste may be discarded or stored on the grounds of the property, amenity spaces, common areas, or kept by an unit door. Trash removal fines of $25 per bag of trash will apply for all trash that is not disposed of appropriately. Dumpsters are provided by management and conveniently located around the property. Trash left outside will be considered as unsightly and unsanitary, and therefore charged a trash fine. Hazardous materials such as batteries, computer monitors, chemicals, televisions, should be discarded through proper channels at local recycling facilities, and not placed in dumpsters.

  14. Pet Waste.
    All pet owners are responsible for picking up after pets and properly disposing of waste in pet waste stations. This is around the entire property and in dog park. Violators will result in a $25 fine per pile.

  15. Attachments.
    No external antenna, satellite dish, clothesline, or flag may be attached to any exterior surface of the building exterior. To protect the safety and uniform appearance of the building, nothing shall be attached which extends the edge of the building or balcony.

  16. Waterbeds.
    The use of any type of waterbed or water furniture is prohibited.

  17. Common-Area Furnishings.
    All furniture provided in unit common areas such as living rooms are intended for the common use of all residents of the apartment, and may not be removed or taken into individual bedrooms without prior approval from management, and the consent of all roommates. Furniture in any clubhouse may not be removed or relocated; any resident found in possession of public-area furniture will be subject to termination of their lease.

  18. Soliciting.
    Solicitation of any sort is prohibited on the premises. Please notify management immediately of any suspected solicitor so necessary action may be taken.

  19. Parking.
    All resident vehicles must be registered with the Management office. All resident vehicles must have an updated lease term pass visible on the front windshield. Guest parking is located around the property, not directly in front of a resident’s unit. Any vehicles not properly parked in a parking space, in a fire lane, or in Handicap without proper government issued pass will be towed. Towing is enforced by GATA towing and will result in tow charges laid out by said company.

  20. Pool.
    Pool will be open during office hours Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM, Saturday and Sunday 11AM-5PM. Pets are not allowed in or around the pool area. Glass is strictly prohibited. Violation of these rules will result in pool closures to properly treat the pool. Breaking into the pool when the pool gates are locked will be in violation of your lease and will result in contact to the local police department for criminally trespassing. Replacement of a lost pool wristband will be charged to the resident at $10 per wristband”

  21. Cameras.
    The entire property is monitored by 24-hour video surveillance. Footage can and will be used to address and fine violators of any of the listed community policies.