Screening Procedures

Cottage Row utilizes to screen household pets, validate reasonable accommodation requests for assistance animals and confirm every resident understands our pet policies. To facilitate the screening and validation process, PetScreening offers our applicants and residents help in managing pet and animal records.

All current and future residents are required to create a profile, even if there is not going to be a pet in the apartment. If a pet will reside in the apartment, upon completion of the profile, a Fido Score will be generated for each pet. The Fido Score determines if your pet is accepted and the applicable fees that apply. See our fee schedule and list of restricted dog breeds below.

Pet Policy

Requirements and Responsibilities of the Resident and Owner:

Pets are allowed with a completed pet lease. Resident is permitted one pet and must register the pet with Resident agrees to pay a non-refundable pet fee of $250, a refundable pet deposit of $250, and $25 monthly pet rent.

A. Residents living in COTTAGE ROW apartment buildings must register any pet with

B. All roommates of the resident must sign an agreement allowing the pet to be in the apartment with them. If a roommate does not sign the agreement, either the owner and pet or the non-approving roommate(s) may be moved to a more suitable location.

C. All pets must have all veterinarian-recommended vaccinations to maintain the pet’s health and to prevent contagious diseases. The owner must provide documentation of such vaccinations to the COTTAGE ROW management office before the effective date of the rental agreement. COTTAGE ROW reserves the right to request an updated verification at any time during the pet’s residency.

D. All pets, if taken outside the resident’s room, must wear identification tags.

E. The owner must maintain control of the pet using a harness, leash, or tether unless either the owner is unable to do so because of a disability, in which case the owner must maintain control through voice, signal, or other effective means at all times. This requirement also applies to community areas such as lounges, hallways, and meeting rooms. Animals may not weigh more than 80lbs.

F. Dangerous, poisonous, oversized, or otherwise illegal pets are not permitted and are not considered a reasonable accommodation in a community living environment.

G. COTTAGE ROW does not permit any aggressive breed such as, but not limited to, Pit Bull terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, German Sheppard, Huskies, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Akitas, Presa Canarios, Wolf-hybrids, Etc. Any dog that is not of an aggressive breed, but displays signs of aggression, will not be permitted.

H. Reptiles and rodents are not permitted.

I. This also applies to reptiles of any sort.

J. Pets must be housebroken. Owners are responsible for properly containing and disposing of all pet fecal waste. The owner must immediately retrieve service pet waste, such as dog feces, place such waste in a plastic bag, and securely tie the bag before disposing of it in an outside trash container. COTTAGE ROW staff are not responsible for service pet waste.

K. Owners are responsible for feeding and watering their pet within the confines of their personal room or apartment. Bowls of food and water should be placed on mats so that water and food do not get on the floor. Owners are responsible for immediately cleaning any spilled water or food off the floor of their room.

L. Pet food should be kept in a closed container within the confines of the owner’s room. Open bags of food attract bugs and are not permissible.

M. If fleas, ticks, or other pests are detected within the residence, COTTAGE ROW will treat such pests using approved fumigation methods and a COTTAGE ROW-approved pest control service. The owner will be billed for the expense of any pest treatment above and beyond normal required pest management.

N. If the pet becomes sick and vomits or becomes incontinent, the owner must clean up the vomit and waste immediately. COTTAGE ROW staff is not responsible for cleaning up after the service pet.

O. Pets should be kept clean and free from odor; however, owners may not use apartment showers, sinks, or baths to clean the pets.

P. Behavior, noise, and odor must not exceed reasonable standards for a well-behaved pet and must not create unreasonable disruptions for other residents.

Q. The resident may be liable for any damage to COTTAGE ROW facilities caused by the pet.

R. COTTAGE ROW is not obligated to provide food, care, or additional space for the service pet.

S. COTTAGE ROW reserves the right to deny or revoke access if a pet is not properly cared for, or threatens the safety, health, or welfare of another community member.

T. Residents with a pet in approved, formal training programs in COTTAGE ROW facilities must also register the pet with COTTAGE ROW’s management office and abide by all policies and procedures set forth above.